QAD Welcome

Islamic Society of Delaware announces the opening of its QUR’ANIC ACADEMY OF DELAWARE, a long sought after project at Masjid Ibraheem led by our beloved Imam Sheikh Abdel Hadi. Under his supervision we will have a Basic QUR’AN reading and fulltime Hifz program and other programs to benefit the community of tri-state area.

QUR’ANIC Academy aims to establish an institution that will nurture a strong connection with the Book of Allah (Al QUR’AN) through its memorization, understanding and implementation and generate smart & well knowledgeable future leaders who are guided by the QUR’AN and Sunnah

Qur'anic Academy’s vision is to enable our students to read, recite, understand, and memorize the Qur’an and relate its values in their daily lives.

Imam Sheikh Hadi's Message to Community: